Jessica Potter, Heap with Thistles

(a mass)

There is a mass in the centre of the image. It is composed of a combination of thistles, leaves and grasses. It gathers itself around an articulation of stems that interweave about a dark central form. This forms recedes into a depth beyond the ground of the image. The texture of the matter appears dry and brittle. The shapes of the leaves and stems fan outwards in twisted interpellations away from the centre. Between the stems an intense darkness obscures any further detail. Scattered throughout the body of the mass are round, soft seed-heads, that are formed into circular spheres and attach to a stem. From the stem extends the orb of thistle down. The down is constituted by an abundance of seeds that will disperse in the wind. The seed heads are concentrated towards the bottom right side of the image forming a small constellation. They are woven between grasses, stalks and leaves. The weaving helps to form the structure of the mass that rises upwards from the ground. At the bottom of the image long, light coloured stems project downwards in straight lines and curves towards the edges and out of the frame. This leads the eye outwards and back in again and then off in different directions. An oscillation occurs between the centre and the periphery, between the surface and the ground of the image. The eye is unsettled. At the bottom left corner are a collection of different seed heads, they are smaller, with pointed tops, their seeds contained on the inside. Towards the top space recedes, creating a sense of distance. The focus becomes blurred. Stems form the perimeter of the mass and define its edges. It is circular in shape. Its convexity undermined by the darkness of the centre into which the image falls.

© Jessica Potter